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Our History

Founded by artistic director Scott Leithead in 1996, the Korora Choir Association is a family of seven choirs. Singing together connects us through foundational and transformative artistic experiences.

Beginning as a youth choir with about 50 members, the organization expanded through the years with the addition of more choirs for different ages and challenge levels: Òran (2002, an alumni choir for Korora); Shumayela (2006, a feeder choir for junior high aged singers); Kikimasu (2009, for children's voices); Tamariki (2012, for younger kids); Vacilando (2013, for adults seeking a more relaxed approach); and ChandraTala (2019, for experienced upper-voice adult singers).

In June 2023, our organization unveiled a new name and identity, moving forward together in a spirit of reconciliation. Formerly known as Kokopelli, our organization and our youth choir are now called Korora.

Korora has received several honours, including the YMCA Peace Medal, the Edmonton Salute to Excellence, and the Syncrude Award for Innovative Artistic Direction. Korora's ensembles have placed first in competitions both provincially and nationally. However, our focus remains not on winning awards, but on reaching singers and audience members through our performances.

Korora ensembles have toured widely, including to:

  • Europe (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic)
  • Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Eswatini, Botswana)
  • North America (every Canadian province, several states in the USA, and Cuba)
  • Asia (Malaysia)

Korora choirs have been featured guests on many national and international stages:

  • Podium, Choral Canada's biennial conference for choral music
  • International Society of Music Educators Conference
  • IFCM World Choral Expo
  • International Choral Kathaumixw Festival
  • Dresden Children's Choir Festival
  • Festival 500
  • American Choral Directors Assocation Western & Northwest Division Conference
  • Laval International Choral Competition
  • Carnegie Hall, New York City

Our Vision, Mission, and Goals

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where singing together connects all people through foundational and transformative artistic experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a choral experience grounded in community and artistic excellence.

Our Goals

  • To nurture a lifetime of music by providing our choristers supportive avenues to sing from childhood through adulthood;
  • To enrich the greater community by providing world-class performances, supporting emerging musicians, and sponsoring individuals and other choirs in need;
  • To strive for excellence through the leadership of inspired and inspiring conductors and clinicians, pursuit of innovation, and the highest standards of artistic interpretation and staging;
  • To create artistic spaces without unjustified barriers to full, shared, and meaningful participation by all members of our community; and
  • To develop enduring connections and relationships with choral communities and artists in other communities both in Canada and abroad.

Our Core Values

  • We are a community;
  • we are learners;
  • we strive to be artists;
  • we explore music's meaning;
  • we cultivate gratitude;
  • we exercise self-discipline;
  • we celebrate vulnerability;
  • we seek diversity; and
  • we sing with open hearts because our music is both important and beautiful.