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The Choirs of Korora

our youth & children's choirs

  • Korora (ages 15-24) is an auditioned mixed-voice youth choir, our flagship ensemble.

  • Shumayela (ages 12-16) is an auditioned youth choir that includes some changed voices every year, a busy and vibrant crew of young singers

  • Kikimasu (ages 9-12) is our youngest auditioned choir, treble voices singing in several parts

  • Tamariki (ages 5-9) is our non-auditioned starter choir, with several sections rehearsing in smaller groups

our adult choirs

  • Òran (young adults 20 & up) is an auditioned mixed-voice choir that enjoys a busy performance schedule and challenging repertoire

  • Vacilando (adults) is an auditioned mixed-voice choir with a slightly more relaxed performance schedule

  • ChandraTala (adults) is an auditioned upper-voice choir for experienced singers of any gender